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The unreliable Wikipedia has this to say: 

"Nootropics (colloquial: brain supplementssmart drugs and cognitive enhancers) are numerous natural, semi-synthetic and synthetic molecules that claim to improve cognitive functions (such as executive functions, attention, memory, creativity)."

In this case, I think Wikipedia has a decent definition.

As of this posting (8.6.2023) the smart drug nootropics are not are easy to get at they were before and YouTube over hypes almost all nootropics anyway so if you're new best to start with Nootropics Depot.

It seems since they removed the racetams from their store they are taking a more mainstream approach which helps with financial safety of the transaction and ensuring you can reliably reorder from them. 

Although I love the racetams, there's great nootropics that are easier to get although the effects maybe more subtle.

I have become a fan of Saffron and 7,8-Dihydroxyflavone after using each for about one month.

What can you expect from I Have Nootropics going forward?

Don't expect anything more than me using nootropics to improve my life. 

I might write here about it from time to time and maybe offer you some hard to find items are crazy high prices if I feel like visiting the post office from time to time. : )

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